Action Melt® 10kg
Action Melt®

Action Melt®

Fast Melting Formula

Windsor® Action Melt® is a blend of calcium chloride and salt, specifically designed to perform under even extreme conditions down to -31°C. Windsor® Action Melt® clears snow and ice faster than plain salt and contains blue crystals for application visibility and optimization.

Superior In Every Way:

  • Works in extreme cold – melts ice and snow as low as -31˚C.
  • Penetration action – bores through ice and snow to break ice and snow’s bond with the pavement.
  • Melts quicker – begins melting action faster than regular blends.
  • More efficient – melts ice and snow more efficiently than regular blends

Our Bag:
Windsor® Action Melt® Blend’s exclusive rigid handle makes it easier to pick up, load and handle, than other die cut handles found on competitive brands.

Its exclusive easy open patent perforation makes Windsor® Action Melt® Blend effortless to open and easy to pour!

Available in 10 kg, 18.1 kg bag or 5.44 kg jug.