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About Us

For over 100 years, Windsor Salt has improved the lives of Canadians by making their food tastier, their roads safer, their pools cleaner, and so much more. Find us under our Windsor® and Safe-T-Salt® brand names.

About us                              

In 1893, three Canadian Pacific Railway Company employees launched their own business called The Windsor Salt Company Limited. Ever since then, Windsor Salt has been an active ingredient in kitchens, roads, pools, and communities all across Canada.
Heavy machinery inside a salt mine
Salt is so much more than a simple sprinkle on your fries – it's one of the most widely used minerals on the planet. Salt is not only an essential element in our diet, but a natural preservative and a necessary additive in water-softening and countless industrial tasks. And that's why we care so much about salt and about the ways Canadians put it to use.
  • Windsor Salt is proud to be Canada's largest salt manufacturer. We're proud to be known as a company that cares deeply about ensuring product quality, supporting employee well-being, and delivering innovation to communities across our country. We're proud to be your salt of choice and we do everything in our power to live up to, and even exceed, your expectations.

Why Work With Us

Windsor Salt Ltd. is part of a family of North American salt providers, which includes Morton Salt, Inc. in Chicago and Morton Bahamas Limited in Inagua. Over 3,000 people work within our ecosystem – in our salt mines, production sites, warehouses, and offices throughout Canada, the United States, and the Bahamas.

If you're interested in joining us, please visit our Windsor Salt Career Page to see a list of current employment opportunities. We know that standout talent helps us be the best company we can be. Even if none of the current opportunities are an obvious fit for you, please create your profile and submit your resume for future opportunities.

There are four central tenets that set us apart:
Windsor manufacturing crew
  1. INNOVATION: At Windsor, we're never content with the status quo. We're driven to lead innovation and modernization within the salt industry and we strive to unlock each employee's potential so that everyone can make a difference within our organization.
  2. REACH: We have a broader geographical footprint than any other North American de-icing salt supplier, so working at Windsor means keeping roads safe all over Canada and the US.
  3. LOCATION: Our head office is in the vibrant city of Montréal. We employ more than 800 people across Canada, meaning that wherever you are, there are likely Windsor career opportunities near you.
  4. STRATEGY: We know how best to serve our communities across Canada, which is why our distribution centres are strategically located to serve the nation's geographically dispersed markets. To ensure that we can deliver our products safely and efficiently, our strategy includes truck, rail, and marine transportation.