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Pool Maintenance made Smart and Easy

Windsor® Pool Salt is a high-purity, fast-dissolving, natural salt designed for use in swimming pool

Windsor® Pool Salt is simple to use and additive-free and is a high-quality pool salt for use in salt water chlorinators. It’s a convenient, simple and safe way to disinfect water, producing high quality pool water with reduced maintenance.

Advantages of using Windsor® Pool Salt:

  • Eliminates handling chlorine
  • Helps maintain a clean and, safe pool environment
  • Reduces maintenance and eliminates chemical odours
  • Optimizes performance of the chlorine generator
  • Prevents staining of pool surfaces
  • Causes less skin and eye irritation
  • Has no unpleasant chlorine smell
  • Economical

Why Choose Windsor® Pool Salt: Windsor® Pool Salt is a high purity and fast dissolving non-treated evaporated salt designed for use in swimming pools that are equipped with Salt Chlorine Generators or automatic sanitizer systems.

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