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It’s more than just the white, granular seasoning that enhances the flavour of so many foods.
What we do

Salt Is Our Business

Salt is one of the most widely used minerals on Earth. It’s a natural preservative that inhibits the growth of bacteria, and an essential element in our diet.
A cow licking a salt block
Windsor Agricultural

Animals depend on salt for a healthy, balanced diet. At Windsor, we understand the role that salt can play in animal nutrition and have manufactured products specifically to address the needs of feed mixing. Whether you are purchasing blocks, bags or in bulk, Windsor has a product to fit your needs.

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A nurse preparing an IV for a patient
Windsor Pharmaceutical Salts

We approach the needs of the pharmaceutical industry with meticulous attention to product quality and uncompromising integrity.

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A woman carries a fresh batch of cookies on an oven tray in bakery workshop.
Windsor Food Manufacturing Salts

With over 50 grades and mixtures designed for food manufacturers, our complete line of salts and salt-related products set the industry standard. Explore our offering to find the right product for your application.

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Snowy road through a windshield
Windsor Bulk De-Icing

Weather the Winter with Windsor. When winter weather arrives, don’t be stuck out in the cold. We have the experience, network and deicing salt solutions you need to keep roads clear and people safe.

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