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Each year, millions of the world’s children are exposed to developmental disabilities and a host of other Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD). This tragedy can so easily be prevented by simply adding iodine to their diets. Adding iodine to salt – an ingredient that most people consume fairly regularly – as Windsor did back in the 1920s, ensured that Canadian children were protected from the tragic consequences resulting from iodine deficiency.

Please join Windsor Salt and your local Kiwanis Clubs in their efforts to help UNICEF end this suffering worldwide.

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K+S Windsor Salt is proud to partner with the largest and most recognized culinary institute in Canada: The Culinary Federation (CF). Since its inception in 1963, the federation has enjoyed a deep and long-standing tradition as Canada’s true representation of the professional chef and cook. Its main goal is to unite chefs and cooks across the country in a common dedication to professional excellence.

With this partnership, Windsor® salts will be used exclusively in the program, providing aspiring chefs in all of the CF’s culinary programs with education on the different types of salts available and also with the opportunity to experiment with quality salt products. Developing the relationship with young chefs at the beginning of their journey and strengthening that connection as they embark on their careers is something that Windsor Salt is passionate about.

The CF: creating professional excellence in the next generation of chefs across Canada!

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