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In a pickle about pickling salt?

The most important aspect in pickling is salt purity. Additives used to prevent clumping can make pickle juice cloudy. Windsor® Pickling Salt is a pure non-iodized and free-flowing salt without additives, so no unsightly sediment collects at the bottom of the jar.

Windsor® Coarse Pickling Salt

Canning and pickling is fun and relatively easy, it just takes a little time.

Did you know that the art of pickling is about 4,000 years old? One of the first veggies to be pickled was the cucumber, in India. Back then, pickling was used to preserve food for long journeys. Early pioneers preserved food at the peak of freshness to carry them through our long Canadian winters. Today, we pickle for pleasure, so we can enjoy the perks — garden-fresh flavour and that crisp, satisfying crunchiness, all year round!

Why stop at cucumbers? You can pickle beets, onions, eggs, cauliflower, green beans, fish, even fruit, such as cherries and pears. Experiment! The possibilities for pickling are endless.

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