Windsor Salt Ltd., also known as Windsor Salt, is a part of Morton Salt Inc., located in Chicago, Illinois. Together, we employ close to 3,000 people in our salt mines, production sites, warehouses and offices throughout the United States, Canada and the Island of Inagua in the Bahamas.

To consult the list of employment opportunities currently posted, please visit our Windsor Salt Career Page. If none of the current opportunities are a fit for your current career goals, please do not hesitate to create your own profile and submit your resumé for future opportunities.

Windsor Salt Ltd.and Morton Salt are equal opportunity employers.

Integrated Accessibility Standards Policy

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Renowned and Reputation

Everyone knows Windsor Salt, the salt Canadians have trusted to flavour their meals for generations. We are proud that our brand has spanned decades and maintained its enviable position in the Canadian marketplace. We are also aware that it is thanks to our employees that we have become Canada’s leader in salt production. Windsor Salt Ltd.offers its employees rewarding and enriching career opportunities, as well as desirable working conditions on many levels. We put everything in place to encourage team work, as well as the development and creativity of each individual.

Safety First

Safety in the workplace is our Company’s priority. Our CEO states that “Nothing is more important than safety, Not production, Not sales, Not profit.” We have the lowest rate of safety related incidents in our industry. Without compromise, all of our development and production efforts revolve around the safety of our employees and our workplace.

A Great Place To Work

We offer our employees numerous social advantages and a remuneration package that is at the forefront of the market. In addition to all the local corporate programs in effect, we offer a highly competitive employee benefit package and pension plan.

A warm and friendly environment

Our factories and salt mines are found in areas where subterranean resources are available. At each location, you will find a climate and atmosphere filled with respect, enthusiasm and local character. We have sites in five (5) Canadian provinces; please click on the name of the province to find out more specific information:

Below, please find descriptions of the positions that can be found at most sites within our Company.

Co-op interns / Engineering Trainees

During every University session, we hire engineering trainees for various projects at most of our sites.

If you are a student in mining, mechanical or electrical engineering, it is possible that we have a place for you. Furthermore, we are able to offer lodging for our factories and mines located in remote areas, such as:

  • Lindbergh, Alberta
  • Pugwash, Nova Scotia
  • Mines Seleine, Magdalen Islands

If you are seeking a position as a trainee, please email us your CV at, specifying your availability and the province in which you are interested.

Mining, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers

Our operations are diversified and require professionals in engineering to ensure the security of the workplace and the proper functioning of all operations. Are you perhaps searching for a new opportunity? Would you be open to relocating to one of our factories or mines in the United States? Let us know filling out your profile in our database on the Windsor Salt Career Page.

Administration, Sales and Marketing

Are you a purchasing, sales or marketing professional? Perhaps you are seeking a clerical position, such as receptionist, production clerk, payroll, or all other administrative support staff. Please do not hesitate to inform us by depositing your CV into our database via the Windsor Salt Career Page on our website.

Production Personnel

In our mines, we hire personnel to perform various tasks, such as mobile or industrial equipment operators, miners, or to carry out all other specialized tasks.

Maintenance Personnel

We regularly hire personnel with competencies in industrial or fixed machinery mechanics, such as boiler operators or electricians. We also need welders and pipe specialists.

Select a Province

Our Lindbergh Facility is situated approximately 2 hours north east of Edmonton in the town of Elk Point. It is in a picturesque community in the Lakeland area that offers hunting, fishing, golfing, snowmobiling, gauding, boating and other amenities year round for the family. Our Windsor team of 50 employees in this facility produces a wide variety of salt products for different consumer, commercial and Industrial uses in Western Canada. The Lindbergh Facility encompasses its own natural gas wells, cogeneration plant and a state of the art water treatment facility for producing and supplying drinking water to the Facility and residents of Riverview, a small Hamlet of The County of St. Paul, AB.


In the heart of the great Canadian prairies between Regina and Moose Jaw, lies ‘Belle-Plaine’, our salt manufacturing plant. This plant was built in 1964, and employs 45 full-time employees who manufacture agricultural salt, salt for water softeners, and other types of consumer salts.


Our facilities in Ontario are located in the towns of Windsor and Mississauga. The City of Windsor, Canada’s southernmost city, provides a diverse metropolitan area with almost 6 million residents in the surrounding Southwestern Ontario and Lower Michigan region. This area offers tremendous amenities, over 3000 acres of green space, accessible waterfront, warm climate and affordable living.

Ojibway Mine

Located within the City of Windsor, the Ojibway Mine employs over 230 people and has been in operation since 1955. They use a traditional mining method of drill, blast, muck and are currently mining salt at a level of 290 m beneath the city. Products produced include de-icing and industrial salts and are distributed throughout the Great Lakes region. The mine operates in an exceptionally stable and clean environment.

Obijway Mine

Windsor Evaporation Facility

This facility proudly manufactures many of the consumer salts that you use today. These include table salt, pool salt and water softeners. They also produce a wide range of products for industrial use. The facility at this location has been in operation since 1928 and currently employs over 100 people.

Windsor Ontario Evaporation Facility

Clarkson Warehouse

Our Clarkson warehouse is located in the City of Mississauga and serves customers in Ontario and Western Canada. This facility is a distribution center and is also responsible for the bagging of bulk products for retail and industrial end users.

Windsor Clarkson Warehouse


The Windsor Ltd. headquarters is located in Pointe Claire. It is the administrative hub of Windsor Salt and home to 43 employees in administration, IT, finance, accounting, human resources, sales and marketing.

Windsor Siège social

Mines Seleine

Mines Seleine is a salt mining facility located on the Magdalen Islands and it employs 150 persons. It is an important employer on the Islands. Mines Seleine, possesses the largest deicing salt bed in Québec and offers a unique working experience.

Mines Seleine


Our Anjou installation, located on the island of Montreal, has a dual purpose. First, it serves as a warehouse with equipment for bagging salt we receive in bulk, either by truck or train. We have a customer service team working in Anjou serving all our Canadian customers.

Windsor Anjou


The City of Pugwash; a typical Maritime village is home to 160 salt mine and factory employees. This is a heaven on earth for seafood lovers!

Nova Scotia - Pugwash