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  • Why is there sugar in my salt?

    Here is the scoop on the sugar (invert sugar) listed on the packaging of our iodized salt products:

    The amount of invert sugar is less than 0.08% and is used to stabilize the potassium iodide. Invert sugar is formed when sucrose (or sugar) is broke down or inverted into its components – glucose and fructose

  • Where can I find Morton® Tender Quick Home Meat Cure in Canada?

    Morton® Tender Quick Home Meat Cure is no longer available for distribution in Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience. This product continues to remain in distribution at various retailers within the United States.

  • Does your kosher salt contain iodine?

    No, Windsor® Coarse Kosher Salt does not contain iodine.

    If there is iodine (potassium iodide) added to our products, it is stated on the product packaging and ingredient statement. We encourage our consumers to refer to the Nutrition Facts panel and the ingredients list on the product for that information.

  • Have the names for System Saver II and Rust Remover changed?

    Yes, System Saver II has been renamed Clean and Protect™. Rust Remover has been renamed Clean and Protect™ Plus Clean Care™ and the artwork has been updated for both products.

  • Where can I find Windsor® Nature's Seasons Seasoning Blend?

    Windsor® Nature’s Seasons Seasoning Blend should be available at the following retailers:

    Dominion Foodland (Ontario)
    IGA (Alberta, Prairies, Manitoba, Saskatoon, Quebec)
    Loblaws Longos (Toronto)
    No Frills Ontario and Western Canada
    Real Atlantic Super Store
    Real Canadian Superstore (Ontario and West)
    Safeway (Ontario)
    Save on Foods Sobeys (Maritimes, Ontario)
    Thrifty Foods
    Value Mart Ontario
    YIG (Your Independent grocers) Ontario, Western Canada, Atlantic provinces

    Before visiting one of these retailers, we recommend calling the store first to confirm product availability.

    If you do not live near one of these retailers you may wish to ask your local store manager to consider stocking this product. We also suggest checking online retailers should this be an option for you.

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