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Water Softening

Windsor® Clean And Protect™

System Saver® II is now Windsor® Clean and Protect™. Get the same water softening power you know from the brand you trust… now with a new name and a new look! Our water softener salt pellets are specially formulated to help keep dishes sparkling and clothes and skin feeling softer, while extending the life of your appliances.

Windsor® Clean and Protect™ powerful formula and unique pellet shape are proven to improve water quality and protect your home.

  • Extends softener life†.
  • Keeps appliances that use water running at peak performance.
  • Helps prevent hard water mineral scaling in water heaters and pipes.
  • Cleans your softener and remove hard water minerals.
  • Comfort-grip handle: makes lifting and carrying easier – and it stays secure from store to home.
  • Easy-open tear: Makes bag easier to open and pour. No scissors needed!

†Based on external laboratory testing of continuous use of Clean and Protect™ versus plain salt over the life of the softener, using hard water with an average clear-water (ferrous) iron content of 1.1 parts per million (ppm).

Available in a 18.1kg or 11.3 kg bag.

All About Hard Water

Do You Have Hard Water?

Glassware and dishes are left with spots. Clothes look duller and don’t feel as soft. Bathroom fixtures develop unsightly film. Soaps and laundry detergents don't lather as well. Even your skin and hair don't feel as clean. Hard water is also tough on appliances, especially on washing machines, dishwashers and hot water heaters.

What Does Water Softener Do?

It starts with your morning shower, leaving your skin and hair feeling softer, and goes until evening, when you put the last of your spotless dinner dishes away. Soft water makes laundry brighter, linens softer and can improve the taste of your drinking water.

Which Water Softener Salt Is Right For You?

Windsor recommends two bags every two months to help you keep feeling the benefits of soft water. As a premier brand of water softener salt, we know that water needs vary between households. That’s why Windsor has a range of options to meet your needs.