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Current product image, Himalayan Pink Coarse Salt Grain Shot
Himalayan Pink Salt

Windsor® Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt

Enhancing your meals comes naturally! Windsor® Himalayan Pink Salt is sourced directly from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, which are rich in iron, giving our salt its irresistible pink hue. Windsor®’s All-Natural Himalayan Pink Salt gets its distinct pink colour from naturally occurring iron and other minerals. Add to your favourite dishes for a pop of colour and excitement they deserve, because real chefs know presentation is just as important as taste, and you already know and trust Windsor® when it comes to taste and quality. The coarse grain is perfect for a finishing touch to any sweet or savoury dish!

For use in:

  • Cooking
  • Finishing
  • Brining
  • Refillable salt mills

Size(s): 500 g shaker

Grain Size: Coarse

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Banana Bread with Himalayan Pink Salt

The magic of banana bread is its flexibility. Swap out spices, nuts, or chocolate. The one vital key to amazing banana bread is to use overripe bananas.


Pink Salt and Peppercorn Crusted Tuna

This tuna dish is a fresh take on “au poivre” or in this case “au sel Rose”? We love how the salt brings out the flavours. Use Windsor® Himalayan Pink Salt on the tuna.