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Current product image, Coarse Kosher Salt
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Cooking Salts

Windsor® Coarse Kosher Salt

Long enjoyed by chefs for its taste, texture and ease of use, Windsor® Coarse Kosher Salt is considered a fundamental ingredient that can be used to bring out the natural flavours of a wide variety of dishes. The coarse texture of Windsor® Kosher Salt makes it easy to grab and sprinkle just the perfect amount, allowing you to easily control the amount of salt you add to all your cooking. The compact flakes perfectly adhere to food for ideal flavour enhancement.

Why It’s Great:

  • Brining
  • Finishing
  • Rimming cocktail glasses

Windsor® Coarse Kosher Salt is Kosher-certified for use in preparing kosher meals.

Size(s): 1.36 kg box

Grain Size: Coarse

Kosher Salt Recipes