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Current product image, iodized table salt
Current product image, iodized table salt
Current product image, Salt Free Grain Shot
Cooking Salts

Windsor® Table Salt – IODIZED

A staple in kitchens everywhere! Table salt is a natural at bringing out food’s flavours and aromas. Its fine, uniformly-shaped crystals make it the best choice where precise measurements are critical, like in baking.

Why it’s Great

  • Use this all purpose salt for cooking and baking, as well as for seasoning at the table.

Windsor® Table Salt’s tiny crystals dissolve quickly in liquid, which makes it a good choice in soups, stews or any meal on a slow simmer.

Beyond the kitchen, Windsor® Table Salt is a stellar multi-tasker. It will perk up the flavour of your fresh-brewed coffee, freshen the air in a room, remove wine stains from fabrics, cut rust, and even patch up nail holes. And that’s just for starters.

Windsor® has been making salt for Canadian families since 1893 and we continue to produce it in multiple provinces in Canada. We offer lots of wonderful gourmet salts and we encourage you to try them all, but Windsor® Table Salt is still the go-to salt for Canadians. In fact, the box with the dots is a Canadian tradition.

Size(s): 1 kg box & 350 g shaker